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Claire Avellone, MS, MSW, LCSW, RPT
License Senior Therapist

Ms. Avellone is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of children and families. As a registered play therapist, she uses play therapy to help children learn how to express and manage their emotions, practice ways to solve issues in real life and come to terms with difficult experiences. In addition, she is trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, which is an evidence-based treatment for young children with behavioral problems. She believes that through play, children are better able to share their thoughts, worries, troubles and wishes.  Ms. Avellone enjoys working with parents to help them gain a better understanding of what their child is struggling with and give them the tools they need to best support their child’s growth and development. She offers her clients a safe, non-judgmental environment to explore and work through problems and has worked with children on such issues as aggression, anxiety, attachment, divorce, select mutism, and self-esteem. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Cornell University and completed her dual Masters degrees of Child Development at Erikson Institute and Social Work at Loyola University Chicago in 2008.